University Research Priority Program (URPP)

University Research Priority Project (URPP)

Translational Cancer Research

The URPP Translational Cancer Research is unique and original in that it unites an exceptional team of internationally recognized scientists and physician-scientists in the field of oncology and cancer research, and is determined to bridge the unfortunate gap in communication and collaboration between physicians and basic scientists to bring cancer research a step closer to translation into the clinic.

The objective of the URPP is to foster collaboration between the best clinical and basic researchers at the UZH in the fields of clinical oncology, hemato-oncology, immunology, pathology, and molecular and developmental biology.

Our aim is to accelerate the translation of knowledge generated by basic research labs into preclinical efficacy and safety assessments in relevant animal models and evaluation on human samples, followed by early clinical testing. Moreover, this URPP will motivate basic scientists to investigate questions of direct clinical relevance and thus promote a closer cooperation between basic and clinical scientists.

The research in the URPP Translational Cancer Research specifically focuses on the following four subprojects:

1. Oncogenic signal transduction pathways as targets for personalized tumor therapy
2. The interaction between cancer and the immune system
3. Tumor biopsy and live tumor cell biobank linked with clinical outcome data
4. Translation from bench to bedside and back

The board of the URPP is composed of Lars French and Konrad Basler, who function as co-directors, and Maries van den Broek, who is responsible for the scientific coordination. van den Broek, who is responsible for the scientific coordination.

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