Prof. Dr. med. Reinhard Dummer

Prof. Dr. med. Reinhard Dummer

Research groups

Mitch Levesque, Prof. , group leader melanoma
Simone Goldinger, MD
Sima Rozati, MD
Marieke Raaijmakers, MD
Daniel Widmer, Ph.D
Phil Cheng, Ph.D student
Daniel Hug
Jil Dreier
Study Nurses
Karen Meyer

Focused on

Immune biology of cutaneous lymphomas

Main fields of research

We have intensively studied the immune biology of cutaneous lymphomas, cutaneous melanoma and epithelial skin cancers. Based on the microenvironment of these tumors, we have established immune interventions in cell cultures and animal models. Translational research applies this new knowledge to our patients in order to provide effective treatment with best quality of life.