Prof. Dr. med. Onur Boyman

Prof. Dr. med. Onur Boyman

Research groups

Dr Usriansyah Hadis, PhD
Dr Antonios Kolios, MD
Dr Carsten Krieg, PhD
Dr Rodney Rosalia, PhD
Natalia Arenas Ramirez, PhD student
Noemi Bertel, MD student
Daniela Impellizzieri, PhD student
Celine Kaegi, MD student
Miro E. Raeber, MD student
Janine Woytschak, PhD student
Emerita Ammann Meier

Focused on

Stimulation of the immune system against cancer

Main fields of research

We are interested in approaches harnessing the stimulation of the immune system against cancer, including melanoma, or in dampening harmful immune responses such as seen in inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, including psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease and type 1 diabetes. One of our research focuses deals with the modification of cytokines for improved  immunotherapy.