Prof. Dr. med. Mirjana Maiwald

Prof. Dr. med. Mirjana Maiwald

Research groups

Prof. Dr med. Mirjana Maiwald (-Urosevic)
Associate professor (Titularprofessorin)
Attending physician

Focused on

Cutaneous lymphomas

Main fields of research

Cutaneous lymphomas are a heterogeneous group of extranodal lymphomas that are characterized by primary skin involvement. Recent discoveries of changes in molecular biology and immunology of these tumors have provides better understanding of the processes that govern lymphoma development in the skin. I investigated different biologic and immunologic aspects of cutaneous T- and B-cell lymphomas that may help develop more efficient and targeted therapeutic approaches. Despite a myriad of molecules that can be delivered by gene transfer, only cytokine gene transfer has entered clinical development in the field of primary cutaneous T- and B-cell lymphomas, where we are also involved. Furthermore, I am interested in dissecting immune pathways that are involved in tumor regression during different types of immunotherapy as well as other targeted therapies not only in cutaneous lymphomas but also in other skin cancers. As a counterpart of immune response stimulators, I am also keen to elucidate mechanisms governing immune system evasion by the tumor cells.