Prof. Dr. med. Lars E. French

Prof. Dr. med. Lars E. French

Research groups

Dr sc. nat. Emmanuel Contassot (principal investigator)
Dr med. Dr sc. nat. Atsushi Otsuka
Dr sc. nat. Dragana Jankovic
Dr sc. nat. Magdalena Kistowska
Samuel Gehrke (PhD student)
Roman Huber (PhD student)
Gabriele Fenini (PhD student)
Tatiana Proust (Lab technician)

Focused on

Immunological and molecular mechanisms

Main fields of research

Our objective is to identify and elucidate immunological and molecular mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of skin diseases as a template for the discovery of novel therapeutic approaches. Our research activities are focused on the mechanisms leading to innate immune responses in the skin upon exposure to pathogen and/or danger signals. We are particularly interested in the molecular events involved in Interleukin-1beta processing and secretion during the course of inflammatory dermatoses.