PD Dr. med. Thomas Kundig

PD Dr. med. Thomas Kundig

Research groups

Head of Research, Dept. of Dermatology
Pal Johansen, PD PhD
Ying Men-Wackerle, PD PhD
Steve Pascolo, PhD
Martin Bachmann, Prof. Dr, PhD Gery Jennings, PhD
Antonia Fettelschoss, PhD Postdoc
Franziska Zabel, PhD Postdoc
Associated members (from Clinical Trials Center)
Gabriela Senti, PD MD
Fabian Tay, MD
Christine Tivig, MD
Eva Betschart, Master Science
Lara Spina, Master Science

Focused on

Concepts of vaccination and immunotherapy

Main fields of research

The major focus of research is the development and testing of new concepts of vaccination and immunotherapy for the treatment of allergies, infections, cancer and inflammatory diseases. Typically, treatment strategies are developed and tested in mice, but several strategies have been transferred to clinics and tested in randomized and controlled clinical phase I / II and currently also phase III trials.